Partial Knee Replacement

What is partial knee replacement surgery?

Partial knee replacement is where the bone surfaces of only one compartment of the knee joint are removed and replaced with implants, as compared to that of multiple compartments in the case of a total knee replacement. It is a common treatment for unicompartmental arthritis.

Are there any age restrictions for getting partial knee replacement surgery?

There are no strict recommendations, but in general, partial knee replacements are appropriate for patients over 40 years old who meet other eligibility criteria.

What happens during partial knee replacement?

During partial knee replacement, the orthopedic surgeon makes a small incision to gain access to the affected compartment of the knee. He or she gently moves supporting structures of the knee out of the way and removes damaged cartilage and bone tissue from the surfaces of the tibia and the femur in the arthritic area. The surgeon then prepares these surfaces for the insertion of the prosthesis components, which are specifically sized for each individual patient’s joint.

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