Meniscus Repair

Meniscus repair: 

The surgeon sews torn pieces of cartilage back together so they can heal on their own. However, because of tear type and blood supply, less than 10%of tears are actually repairable. Partial meniscectomy: The surgeon trims and removes the damaged cartilage and leaves healthy meniscus tissue in place.

A meniscal repair or arthroscopic meniscectomy is a surgical procedure to repair a torn meniscus via keyhole surgery. It involves removal of some or all of a meniscus from the tibio-femoral joint of the knee using arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery. The procedure can be a complete meniscectomy where the meniscus and the meniscal rim is removed or partial, where only a section of the meniscus is removed. This may vary from a minor trimming of a frayed edge to anything short of removing the rim.

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